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Set up your HR department

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Put your teams on board of transformation

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in your new role

Set up your HR department

You are launching your business in France and you need to set-up your HR department. Here are some of the questions you probably ask yourself:

  • How do I find the best candidates?

  • Which "convention collective*" should I work with?

  • How to organise home office?

  • Should I outsource my payroll?

  • Is my compensation policy attractive?

  • Do I need to offer a healthcare plan to my employees?

  • How should I deal with overtime?

As a part-time HR expert I support you in designing your HR strategy, processes and organisation in accordance to your business objectives, your headquarters policies and the French labour law and market.

* The "convention collective" is a collective agreement negotiated with unions for a whole sector. Most sectors in France have their own "convention collective".


Put your teams on board of transformation

You are introducing a significant change in your company, such as a reorganisation, a new technology, a merge with another business or new line of business. You want to make sure that your teams are onboard and that this change will bring the expected adding value.

As an HR consultant, I support you in making this transformation a success, dealing with:

  • analysing change impact

  • designing your transformation map

  • communicating and engaging your teams

  • preparing individuals and organisation

  • Embedding change in your culture


Succeed in your new HR role


You are starting with a new HR role in a new company, you have just been promoted as an HR manager or an HR director, you are now a management team member or you are about to lead an already existing team. You may feel you need some support in:

  • adopting the right posture as a leader

  • creating alliance with your boss and peers

  • engaging with your new team

  • identifying quick wins

  • creating your internal network


Through coaching and/or mentoring I pair up with you to be successful and confident in your new role.


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